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Item Rarities: Intro
There are many different items in NordInvasion, and many different types of items as well. There are two major types of items in the game - crafted items and legendaries.

Item Rarities: Marketplace Items
Marketplace items can be purchased from the 'Marketplace' and are the lowest tier of items, as they are available to the player throughout their leveling experience for a small amount of gold to help a player improve their equipment as they grow.

For more information: Marketplace

Item Rarities: Crafted Items
Crafted items can either be crafted by one player, called 'Personal Crafting', or by a house, through 'House Crafting'. Personal Crafted items are green or cyan, and House Crafted items are dark blue. Both Personal Crafted and House Crafted materials are italicized and dark blue. House crafted items are specifically hero-locked, meaning only hero classes can use them, while Personal Crafted items are primarily locked to Tier 4 and lower. House Crafted items are also most often more expensive than Personal Crafted items, as they are supposed to be of a higher tier than Personal Crafted items (although this is not always the case).

Item Rarities: Legendary Items
There are four different types of legendary items:

Orange Legendaries:
Orange legendaries are the lowest tier of legendary, and are usable by Tier 4 and up. Orange legendaries are comparable in stats to their house-crafted counterparts, as hero-locked items are often stronger than non-hero locked items. Even if orange legendaries aren't the strongest legendaries, they are still very powerful on the field, and should not be underestimated. These items are typically looted on Normal and Hard mode.

Red Legendaries:
Red Legendaries are legendaries usable by all hero classes of one class - if the item is locked to a class, for example Infantry, it would be available not to the class, but all of the hero classes for Infantry. These legendaries are stronger than orange legendaries, and are typically looted on Hard and Ragnarok mode.

Red+ Legendaries:
These legendaries are usable by one single hero class, and are the strongest looted items in the game. These legendaries are typically built around the hero class that it is locked to, and enhance what makes that hero class special. This means the reverse is also true: there shouldn't be any hero class that has specific items that enhance something other than what the class is intended to improve upon. For example, a Warden - an Archer hero class that focuses on high archery skill - would only get items that benefit and enhance its high archery skill, which are bows and arrows. A Warden would not receive any other class-specific items unless it furthered the goal of 'high archery skill'.

There are some classes that do receive class-specific armour on top of weapons - such as Master Peltast - but the armour helps further the class's purpose through agility, in which the class's purpose is agile movement and powerful throwing ability.

Upgraded Legendaries:
Upgraded legendaries are legendary items upgraded through timed monthly crafting recipes, available through the highest levels of house crafting. Every legendary has an upgraded legendary counterpart and recipe, and the stat increase is most often flat across most weapons and armours. The upgrade itself requires a specific legendary upgrade material pertaining to the type of the legendary upgrade; Blessed, Cursed or Battle Honed. Upgraded legendaries are the highest tier of legendaries in the game, and are therefore the strongest. They are also the hardest legendaries to obtain, due to the exorbitant amount of materials and wealth needed to craft them, having to have the legendary item you wish to upgrade beforehand, and having all of the items, materials and gold acquired for the month-long period that the recipe is available, until the next cycle for the upgrade (which is often the next year).