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Marketplace: Intro

The Marketplace is the first port of call for you to get your character equipped. You can buy all kind of items there. The Marketplace is for items sold and bought from the system, this are always available and can always be sold here.

The Marketplace is the first place a player should go to get their character equipped. You can buy many kinds of items from the marketplace, and the more you level up a character, the more items will become available to the class path the player has chosen.

Marketplace: Usage

The Marketplace is simple in usage. Click on a type of item on the item list to the left of the main marketplace page to see all of the items of that type available to the player. Type in the amount of the item you want on the left (without editing, the default number is 1) and click the 'Buy' button to purchase the item you want. The item is instantly put into your inventory for your usage.

You can also sell items to the marketplace; click on the 'Sell Your Items' button under all the item type list and it will show you all of the items in your inventory. Selling an item is non-refundable and it is impossible to get the item back, so be careful and make sure you are selling the correct item. Selling Marketplace items back to the marketplace will give you a percentage of the gold amount it was bought for back. Items that are worth 0 gold are still sellable; they are worth 0 gold because they are not intended to be sold to the marketplace, but traded between players. Most of the items that are worth 0 gold to the marketplace are Personal Crafted and higher in tier.

As a sidenote: In the current version of the mod, the 'Sell Your Items' tab is the only way to see all of your items at once, both materials and equipment. If you see an item in your inventory that you did not purchase before of a red or orange color, you looted a legendary item that you did not notice. There have been many stories of players selling legendary items to the Marketplace due to lack of knowledge.

More items will become available to a player the more they increase their tier. A Tier 1 archer will have access to a small selection of bows and arrows, but a Tier 3 Archer will have access to a much wider variety of those items.

The Marketplace is entirely run by the mod itself, and not by players, unlike the Auction Hall. Other players cannot influence the Marketplace in any way, making the Marketplace the safest avenue of equipment a player can take. You can, however, sell marketplace items on the Auction Hall; take a peek there and see if you can get a good deal on a marketplace item for cheap!

Marketplace equipment is the lowest tier of equipment, as they are meant to be entry-level items that allow a player to build up to personal crafted items. There is an exception to this - under 'Goods' are some materials that are only sold on the marketplace, that are used in all types of crafting. All of the marketplace materials are available to the player from the beginning of the mod.

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