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Local Dedicated Server

If for some reason you need a local server to test things on (scenes with bots for example), this is the guide for you.

You can still control your character loadout on the normal NordInvasion website but you will not receive any xp or loot.


  1. Download the Dedicated Server Files.
  2. Extract them to whatever directory you wish.
  3. Create a WSE folder in the directory you just created (the same folder that mb_warband_dedicated.exe is in).
  4. Download WSE and the matching Warband exes provided there.
  5. Extract the WSE files (but not folders) into the WSE folder.
  6. Extract the mb_warband_dedicated.exe file and replace your existing copy.
  7. Put a copy of the NordInvasion mod into the dedicated server's Modules folder.
  8. Save a config file in the dedicated server's folder. For this example, we'll use the sample config and save it as nordinvasion.cfg.

Starting the Server

There are a few different options for how to start the server. You only need to choose one of them.

  1. From a shortcut (recommended)
    1. Open File Explorer to the directory you want to store the shortcut in.
    2. While holding Shift, right-click an empty space in the folder.
    3. Right-click an empty space, point at New and choose Shortcut.
    4. Browse to the location you chose for the server, WSE, and select WSELoaderServer.exe.
    5. Before clicking Next, add -r nordinvasion.cfg -m NordInvasion -p ..\mb_warband_dedicated.exe outside the marks.
    6. Click Next, type a name for the shortcut, and click Finish.
    7. Run the shortcut to start the server.
  2. From a bat file
    1. Create a bat file (NordINvasion_Start.bat for example).
    2. Store WSE\WSELoaderServer.exe -r nordinvasion.cfg -m NordInvasion -p mb_warband_dedicated.exe in the bat file.
    3. Run the bat file to start the server.
  3. From CMD / PowerShell (very manual)
    1. Open File Explorer to the directory containing your copy of mb_warband_dedicated.exe.
    2. While holding Shift, right-click an empty space in the folder.
    3. Click Open PowerShell window here or Open CMD window here.
    4. Run WSE\WSELoaderServer.exe -r nordinvasion.cfg -m NordInvasion -p mb_warband_dedicated.exe to start the server.


  • When you load the Warband client, choose “Local Area Network” on the server list.
  • If you change the port away from 7240, Warband will have problems finding the server in the Local Network list.
  • If you would like others to join your server, you will need to set up TCP and UDP port forwarding on your OS, router, and modem. Unless you change the config, the only port that requires forwarding is 7240.


  • My server does not show up on the internet list.
    • Make sure that you have forwarded both TCP and UDP.
    • You need to forward through several points of your network.
      • Router
      • OS firewall
      • Modem (if you don't have a modem/router combo device)
    • You may need to restart the firewall after making the necessary changes.