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Sample Config

# Server name
set_server_name Local_Server

# Server passwords
set_pass_admin admin

# Server mission (ni_beginner, ni_normal, ni_hard, ni_ragnarok, ni_cavalry)
set_mission ni_normal

# Manual block
#set_control_block_direction 1

# Map rotations
set_map ni_swadian_great_hall
add_map ni_old_shire
add_map ni_swadian_keep
add_map ni_senuzgda_cavern
add_map ni_swadian_village

# Welcome message
set_welcome_message Welcome to the server!^^This server, like all the NordInvasion servers, is supported entirely from player contributions.^^If you enjoy the game, please consider donating at

# Factions, bots, and players
set_auto_team_balance_limit 7
set_bot_count 2 3
add_factions 21 22
set_max_players 16 16
set_randomize_factions 0

# Voting options
set_ban_voteable 0
set_factions_voteable 0
set_maps_voteable 0
set_num_bots_voteable 0
set_valid_vote_ratio 100

# Friendly-fire settings
set_friendly_fire 1
set_friendly_fire_damage_friend_ratio 100
set_friendly_fire_damage_self_ratio 0
set_melee_friendly_fire 1

# Since default team point limit is 300, it must be overridden for NordInvasion
set_team_point_limit 100000
set_round_max_seconds 1800
set_map_time_limit 10

# If the bottleneck is your server's bandwidth, then make sure that you set a correct value for upload limit
set_upload_limit 100000000

# If you are running more than one dedicated server on the same computer, you must give different ports to each of them
set_port 7240

set_server_log_folder Logs
set_server_ban_list_file Logs\ban_list.txt

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