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Tier and Item Progression

The medic subclass has four tiers. These can be chosen along with your main class as you level up and only cost assist XP.

Tier Level Assist XP Equipment
Nurse 7 3000 Simple Medic Box - Heals allies for 20% within a 5 meter radius (3 charges)
Field Medic 20 15,000 Medic Box - Heals allies for 40% within a 10 meter radius (3 charges)
Field Surgeon 39 50,000 Surgeon's Kit - Heals allies for 100% within a 25 meter radius (1 charge)
Field Medic Box - Heals allies for 40% within a 10 meter radius (8 charges)
Master Surgeon 50 150,000 Master Surgeon's Kit - Heals allies for 100% within a 25 meter radius (3 charges)
Resurrection Tome - Resurrects fallen allies (1 charge)

Tips for General Usage

  • IMPORTANT: The number of tomes which can be spawned in is limited to two per “tomebringer” per round since the Client release “An Explosive Ressurection” from September 2014.
  • Support items, once spawned into the game, can be picked up by any player regardless of class or tier. A newly made character can pick up medic kits and use them to provide the team with heals.
  • All support items are considered throwables. They inflict 5 blunt damage upon placement. As a result, they can be used to blow barrels and break barricades. Be mindful of where you use your support item.
  • All medic items (with the exception of the resurrection tome) can be refilled by using the restore ammunition boxes or the shrine.
  • You are able to heal your allies while refilling by left clicking while holding down F. By doing this, you can provide your team with a continuous stream of heals.

Using Tomes

Because of the complexity of tomes, players have developed various safety measures and rules regarding use.

  • NOTE: A tome (as well as any other support item) will drop if you got it in your inventory while dying.
  • When to use a tome: Generally, on a full server you will want to use a tome when there are fewer than seven players alive. Before using a tome, make sure the player who brought the tome (known as the “tomebringer”) has died first so that another tome may be brought in to replace the one being used. If there are multiple tomebringers, it is advised that all of them die before a tome is used so that one tome can give rise to multiple tomes.
  • Toming for Barricades: To defeat the most difficult bosses, you will often be required to tome for barricades. In this case, wait for the tome-bringers and barricade-bringers to die before toming.

Safety Precautions

  • Multiple Tome users: It can happen, in times of stress and hecticness, that two tomes are used at the same time by two different players, which involves the waste of one tome. Use the chat to inform your teammates that you're using a tome now, provided that there's enough time (like it is during preparation time, for instance if you're toming for more cades) to prevent a waste of tomes.