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Resurrection Tome
Item Stats
Weight 3.5
Damage 5b
Speed 70
Max Ammo 1
Function Resurrects all dead allies upon use
Profession Alchemist - Level 14
Crafting XP 1500
Usable By Master Surgeon

General Info

  • The number of tomes which can be spawned in is limited to two per “tomebringer” per round
  • Tomes, once spawned into the game, can be picked up by any player regardless of class or tier.
  • If a player dies with a tome, it will be dropped to the ground.
  • In hard Mode there is a chance that a wraith will spawn upon tome usage. In Ragnarok Mode there is a chance that 1-3 Wraiths will spawn upon tome usage. If a wrath spawns from a tome no one will be resurrected but upon killing the wraith(s) it will drop a “new” tome“. Wraiths do not spawn in Normal Mode & Beginner Mode however.
  • Using a tome on a Deathmatch server will spawn a wraith.

Using Tomes

Because of the complexity of tomes, players have developed various safety measures and rules regarding use.

  • When to use a tome: Generally, on a full server you will want to use a tome when there are fewer than seven players alive. Before using a tome, make sure the player who brought the tome (known as the “tomebringer”) has died first so that another tome may be brought in to replace the one being used. If there are multiple tomebringers, it is advised that all of them die before a tome is used so that one tome can give rise to multiple tomes. If they have already brought in two tomes, you dont have to ask them to die however.
  • Toming for Barricades: To defeat the most difficult bosses, you will often be required to tome for barricades. In this case, wait for the tome-bringers and barricade-bringers to die before toming.
  • Toming while avoiding Wraiths: In certain situations it might be advisable that two players tome at the same time. If one or more wraiths spawn most of the players will be resurrected from a tome that did fire off. This is applicable if there is only two players left in a Ragnarok game for example. It is also advised that players spread out and make themselves unreachable from Wraiths. Ie having barricades between themselves or being otherwise spread out over a larger area.
  • It is generally considered good practice to tome dead players in before a boss is killed. However consider how many tomes you have left, and how many tomes are yet to enter the game before using them. You might not want to tome for Thor for example if there is only one tome left and there are no new tomes entering the game. Generally you want to clear out the spawn area(s) and get the boss as much under control as possible before toming in these situations, however you can tome if the boss is about to die if the players being resurrected are aware that they are about to respawn.
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