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What is the auction hall and who can use it

The Auction Hall is a feature on the Nord invasion character page, which allows player to sell anything from their inventory whether it is a Crooked Stick or Studded Gauntlets.

Anyone who has registered a account on the character page or if they have not created a forum account is entitled to use the auction hall, there are filters on left side of the auction hall tab which allows for fine tuning which means a player can filter out items they do not want to appear in the list, this could be items which there class can not use, or they have no interest in seeing ,

What makes the auction hall different from trading on the forum

The difference between forum trading and auction hall trading is that the Auction hall can be a quicker way to sell items between players , because a player lists the number of a item they are selling and at what price they wish to sell it for , and then players who search the auction hall are able to purchase the items with out the need of messaging the seller ,which most of the time is required on the forum,

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