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Auction Hall: Intro

The Auction Hall is a feature on the main Nord Invasion website that allows players to buy or sell any item or material from their inventory, no matter the rarity of the item. There are no requirements for auction hall use; any player can use the auction hall no matter their class, level, or house.

Auction Hall: Usage

There are filters on left side of the auction hall tab that allow a player to fine tune and filter their search to a type of item, such as material goods or one handed weapons.

To Buy an Item: Find an item you wish to buy on the Auction Hall, and click the 'Buy' button next to the amount you wish to buy. The default amount without inputting an amount is 1. Make sure you have enough gold to buy the item, or the transaction will not go through. To input a specific amount you want to buy of a listing, click on the box next to the 'Buy' button and type in the amount you wish to buy. Then, click the 'Buy' button; it should buy the amount you typed into the box.

To Sell an Item: Click on the 'Show My Listings' button on the top left of the Auction Hall menu, under 'Auction Hall Listings'. It should now show all of the items on that character, and any active listings if you have any. To exit this menu, click the 'Show My Listings' button again (it should now be named 'Show All Listings'). Once you are seeing your items, you can now list an item by any amount or value you wish. Be careful not to mix up the amount of item being sold (left box) and the amount the listing will go for (right box). You cannot list an item you do not have, or list an amount of an item you don't have. Be sure to check the prices of equivalent items to not lose money on a listing. Once you are ready to make your listing, click the 'Sell' button next to the amount and gold input boxes. Your listing will be up for all players to see on the Auction Hall. You can edit your listing after it is public by going to the 'Show My Listings' option and editing the amount and value boxes how you see fit.

WARNING: There is a tax on the set value of the item you put on the auction hall. Be careful not to list anything that you cannot afford the tax for.

If your item is not purchased off of the auction hall after a certain period of time, the listing will be closed and the item will be returned to your inventory. You do not get the taxed gold back.

Auction Hall: Difference between Player Trading and the Auction Hall

There are a few key differences between player trading and the Auction Hall. The Auction Hall is public, and can be seen by all players - this means it is not recommended for trading with a single individual. Player trading, however, requires two players to be in the same house to trade, and is between individuals - nobody other than the two players trading can interfere with the trade once it is opened, and the trade can be closed at any time. If you wish to trade with a specific person, usage of the trading boards on the Forum and usage of in-house player trading is recommended. If you wish to sell materials and inexpensive items, the Auction Hall is recommended, as the tax for low-priced items is negligible and is largely impersonal.

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