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This isn't your typical multiplayer game mod, you're in a co-operative game that emphasizes teamwork within fellow players, and where your enemy is armed with a 3-watt light bulb with no intellect whatsoever to jump over a branch. - Johao


Bots have no wit or brain; they just charge at you whatever way seems shortest and will only be stopped by a wall. Naturally, their lack of intelligence allows them to be abused in unimaginative ways. Glitching is the path to a cheap victory. It is not a challenge and not the purpose of this mod.

We define glitching as using a bug in the game to give yourself an unfair advantage or bypass a restriction. As a general rule, if it seems like something you are doing should not be possible, it is quite likely a glitch. When in doubt, don't do it… ask a developer or admin.

Here are some examples of glitches:

  • A place where nords cannot walk.
  • A place where many bots cannot reach you with melee weapons. (Long pikes don't count.)
  • A place where bots get stuck deliberately and cannot escape.
  • Blocking bots with objects that they cannot or do not destroy. (Occasional hits don't count.)
  • Standing on barricades and platforms which are stacked or built on a wall or other prop.
  • Toming yourself in.

Stacking deployable items such as barricades and platforms on each other was never intended and is considered glitching. All barricades and deployable shields must be built on the ground or on walls and props that are part of the map. Platforms must be built on the ground. Any deployables that do not match these requirements should be destroyed.

Do not simply ignore people who are glitching. If you are found to have knowingly played while someone was glitching, you might very well be suspected of using the glitch yourself and could share in the punishment!

If an admin says you are glitching, the best policy is to comply and save any debates for the forum.

False Positives

Although these might seem like glitches at first, they are not:

  • A places reachable by most melee bots (such as a large rock or medium wall).
  • Standing on barricades which are on the ground and can be destroyed by melee bots.
  • Fence hopping if the bots can access the area on the other side.
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