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Experience (XP)

Experience can be gained by slaying Nords as well as being in assist XP range of other players killing Nords. Experience may also be gained through the completion of certain quests. There are four types of experience.

Experience Types

Assist XP

Assist experience is earned both when you kill a Nord and when another player kills a Nord. While assist XP does not go directly toward leveling up, it can be converted on the character page into melee XP, mounted XP, ranged XP, or gold. This kind of XP is also used to upgrade your support class. Once used, assist XP can never be recovered. You are also able to earn assist XP through quests or by referring new players to the mod.

Conversion Rates

When converting assist XP, you gain the amount of assist XP spent times a multiplier

  • Gold Multiplier (0.2)
  • Melee Multiplier (0.5)
  • Ranged Multiplier (0.4)
  • Mounted Multiplier (0.3)

Melee XP

Melee experience is earned when you kill a Nord while using a melee weapon. As you gain melee experience, your Strength stat will also increase to a maximum of 30 strength. This occurs at approximately 70,000 melee experience.

Classes that require melee XP to level: Infantry, Crossbowmen, Pikemen.

Ranged XP

Ranged experience is earned when you kill a Nord while using a ranged weapon. Ranged weapons include bows, crossbows, javelins, and other throwables. If you happen to land the killing blow on an enemy using a deployable, that will also count as using a throwing weapon. As you gain ranged experience, your Agility stat will increase to a maximum of 30 agility. This occurs at approximately 70,000 ranged experience.

Classes that require ranged XP to level: Archer, Crossbowmen, Pikemen.

Mounted XP

Mounted experience is earned whenever you kill a Nord while on horseback. It does not matter whether your weapon is ranged or melee. As long as you are on a horse, you will gain mounted experience.

Mounted XP is used to increase Riding Class, which allows players to equip horses and play on Retaliation Mode (Cav servers).