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Nord Invasion

Calradia has been at war for many centuries, and the once mighty Swadian Empire has finally been defeated. The invading Nords have smashed their way through the realm decimating the Swadian armies in their way.

You represent one of the last hopes for a dieing nation, as part of Operation: Swadian Phoenix it is your job to fight back against the Nords and stop them from permanently eliminating Swadia from the map.


NordInvasion is a mod for the popular TaleWorlds game, Mount & Blade: Warband and it sees you take up arms with players from around the world in a bid to fight off wave after wave of the Nord armies as they seek to destroy Swadia.

With a huge environment of maps and persistent characters, NordInvasion is one of the largest and most popular mods available for Warband and continues to grow with an active team of developers regularly adding content and features.

Development Team

NordInvasion is a completely volunteer run project by a dedicated team who work in their spare time to provide everything you see in the mod. Roles often overlap and whilst developers may have a certain role within the game, they are not restricted to that one role and will often work on other areas. Developers may also take a hiatus but this does not necessarily mean they will not return.

Active Developer Team
HypernomaHead of NordInvasion
HandeHead of Maps & Scenery
NaozumiHead of Website & Infrastructure
KipHead of Game Direction
The Irish EagleHead of Game Admins
Yuri The RedGame Code Development
KaasovicGame Code Development
TerathModel Development
WinterItem Development
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