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Skill Recruit Crossbowman Heavy Crossbowman Man At Arms Sharpshooter
One handed 80 90(+10) 105(+15) 120(+15) 135(+15)
Two handed 80 80 80 80 80
Polearms 20 20 20 20 20
Archery 20 20 20 20 20
Crossbow 20 85(+65) 160(+75) 235(+75) 320(+85)
Throwing 20 20 20 20 20
Power draw 1 1 1 1 1
Power throw 1 1 1 1 1
Power strike 2 3(+1) 3 4(+1) 5(+1)
Ironflesh 2 2 3(+1) 4(+1) 5(+1)
Athletics 1 1 2(+1) 3(+1) 4(+1)
Shield 1 2(+1) 2 3(+1) 4(+1)

Armour & Weapons Overview

Play style

Each of the four hero classes have different play styles, this is because each specializes in a different aspect of combat. This is the same across all four character class.

Chosen Marksman

Chosen Marksman has a very simple playstyle as the main objective is to fire your crossbow bolts both into the Nords who are grouped up at the shieldwall, or towards the ranged Nords who gather outside the barricades. Aiming at the Nords at the shieldwall is a very effective method for relieving stress and pressure on the barricades and the shielders. Also this is a good tactic for waves with little ranged or if it is a very tough melee wave e.g. Juggernauts or Entranced Berserkers. Also it may be a good idea to shoot into this area if all the windows or peeking spots are taken to avoid double peeking taking place.

Shooting at the ranged on the other hand is also very helpful as it speeds up the waves by quite a large amount. Not only do you quickly rack up kills, you also help the shielders and the rest of the team. To be most effective focus the stronger ranged units first who can kill your team. Ones to aim out for are the Ballistamen who carry a big shot, or the siege masters who wear heraldic armour. They can be spotted easily as they have the Nordic banner on their armour. One negative to this class is that if you get into close combat with tougher Nords, due to your lack of tankiness and combat prowess you will often lose the duel as your weapon will bounce off of the Nords' armour.

Another tip is to avoid peeking on wave 8 on hard and wave 12 on Ragnarok as this wave have the infamous Tricksters and Royal Assassins. This is due to there unique throwing weapon which allows them to teleport on top of you and infiltrate the base. This will often cause chaos and havoc leading to Swadians losing their lives.

Crossbowman Hero Classes

Total(+changes from Sharpshooter)

Skill Chosen Marksman Aventurier Pavise Champion
One handed 185(+50) 220(+85) 185(+50)
Two handed 120(+40) 120(+40) 120(+40)
Polearms 45(+25) 45(+25) 45(+25)
Archery 20 20 20
Crossbow 350(+30) 320 320
Throwing 20 20 20
Power draw 1 1 1
Power throw 1 1 1
Power strike 6(+1) 7(+2) 7(+2)
Ironflesh 6(+1) 6(+1) 7(+2)
Athletics 6(+2) 7(+3) 6(+2)
Shield 6(+2) 6(+2) 9(+5)

Chosen Marksman

The idea for this hero class is pretty simple: higher Crossbow WPF for faster shooting. This hero class also gives a Power Strike increase of 1 (equal to ~8% damage in melee) and a decent Athletics and Shield increase of 2 each. To be as generic as possible, this class also gets the usual 50 One handed, 40 Two handed, and slightly higher 30 Polearm WPF (as compared to 25) boosts to make them more useful if they ever happen to be required to slash. Hopefully this is never the case.


Again, simple design. High One handed WPF (85 more, meaning an approximate 10% increase in damage and 3-4 weapon speed), moderate Two handed and Polearm increase for those “OH NO _ ARE ALL DEAD AND I NEED TO GO SLASH!” moments. Unlike the other two Sharpshooter hero classes, however, this one gets a 3 Athletics boost (as compared to 2). This allows this hero to get around the base faster and use that one hand skill to the benefit of the team. Like Chosen Marksman, this class gets an additional 2 Shield, which could be useful if a shielder goes down and there aren't any to spare. This class also gets a Power strike increase of 2, as compared to the Chosen Marksman increase of 1, meaning this class can do a bit more melee damage. This fits in well with the One handed WPF increase.

Pavise Champion

This is the Royal Guard of Sharpshooters. An impressive increase of 5 Shield skill easily puts this class as the second best shielder in the game with an astounding total of 9 Shield skill, beat only by the 10 of Royal Guards. The generic One handed, Two handed, and Polearm WPF increases are still added, but this character is clearly more prepared to shield than use those weapons. This class also gets 2 more Ironflesh, as compared to the 1 increase in the other two Sharpshooter hero classes. This creates an increase in survivability that can mean the difference between a team wiping or holding through the wave as the Pavise Champion rushes in to take over shielding from an unfortunate Swadian.

Over All

Chosen Marksmen can reload faster, Aventuriers can use one handed weapons at a very high proficiency and get to be a little faster, and Pavise Champions have more survivability and a great ability to shield. Each of these classes also gets a generic increase in Two handed and Polearm WPF as well as 2 Power strike to allow for some slashing if completely necessary.

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