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Skill Recruit Infantry Heavy Infantry Sergeant Commando
One handed 80 100(+20) 130(+30) 160(+30) 190(+30)
Two handed 80 95(+15) 120(+25) 150(+30) 185(+35)
Polearms 20 30(+10) 45(+15) 60(+15) 80(+20)
Archery 20 20 20 20 20
Crossbow 20 20 20 20 20
Throwing 20 20 20 20 20
Power draw 1 1 1 1 1
Power throw 1 1 1 1 1
Power strike 2 3(+1) 4(+1) 5(+1) 6(+1)
Ironflesh 2 3(+1) 3 5(+2) 6(+1)
Athletics 1 2(+1) 3(+1) 4(+1) 6(+2)
Shield 1 2(+1) 3(+1) 4(+1) 6(+2)

Armour & Weapons Overview


Commando Hero Classes

Total(+changes from Commando)

Skill Zweihander Legionnaire Royal Guard
One handed 200(+10) 240(+50) 200(+10)
Two handed 225(+40) 185 185
Polearms 110(+30) 80 110(+30)
Archery 20 20 20
Crossbow 85(+65) 20 85(+65)
Throwing 60(+40) 170(+150) 60(+40)
Power draw 1 1 1
Power throw 2(+1) 5(+4) 2(+1)
Power strike 8(+2) 8(+2) 8(+2)
Ironflesh 6 6 7(+1)
Athletics 7(+1) 7(+1) 7(+1)
Shield 8(+2) 8(+2) 10(+4)


This class is obviously meant to excel at slashing. A two handed WPF increase of 40 created a ~4% increase in damage and a swing speed incrase of an approximate equivalent in 1.5 additional weapon speed stats. This class also gains a slight increase in One handed WPF (10) and a decent increase in Polearm (30). This means that if no good two handed weapons are available or you are using a two hander that is too short to be useful, you can pick up a polearm and still use it with some ability. There is also a decent Crossbow WPF increase of 65 and Throwing WPF increase of 40, meaning that on waves where the team completely barricades off, you can shoot crossbows faster if they are available, and if not still be able to decently aim and use throwing weapons. This class does not gain increased Ironflesh, but does get 1 Athletics to increase run speed. Please, please, please note that this class does get a Shield proficiency increase of 2, meaning you can still shield with the same ability as the Hybrid Commandos of old. Do not refuse to shield based on the fact that you are a Zweihander. That would make you an asshat.


This hero class for Commando is the odd one out. Instead of focusing on shielding and slashing like Commandos traditionally have, this character gains a marked increase in both one hand and throwing ability. An impressive 50 increase in One handed WPF increases damage and speed by an approximate 5% and 2 swing speed points, respectively. A huge increase in Power throw (4) and Throwing WPF (150) makes this class have throwing abilities that can compete with a Tier 4 Pikeman. A quick comparison shows that the Legionnaire has 1 less Power throw and and 20 less Throwing WPF, leading to a ~12% loss of throwing damage and a moderate decrease in speed (roughly 5-10 Throwing Speed loss), meaning the Legionnaire can still easily use throwing weapons effectively. This class, like the Zweihander, gets an increase in Shielding of 2, which makes a total of 8 meaning this class can shield as effectively as the Hybrid Commandos of old. Legionnaires should almost always shield over anything other than a Royal Guard, as the throwing support it can offer is typically less useful than the powerful slashing of a Zweihander and the shooting of a Pavise Champion.

Royal Guard

This hero class is clearly meant to shield. An impressive increase of 4 to the Shield skill means another ~40% reduced damage over a normal Commando, and ~20% over fellow Hero and Hybrid Commandos. It should also be noted that it gains the same increases as Zweihander in Throwing, Polearm, and Crossbow WPF. The same conclusions can be drawn. This class also gets another point in Ironflesh, meant for an increase in sustainability of shielding.

Over All

Zweihanders are the expert slashers. Legionnaires can throw, slash, and shield with decent ability. Royal Guards shield like pros, but are still good slashers. Royal Guard is the better shielder, but Zweihander and Legionnaire also do a good job. Legionnaire can easily switch to throwing or slashing based on the needs of the team, whereas Zweihander and Royal Guard are more useful in the traditional positions of Commandos, slashing and shielding. In the situation that the team fully barricades off, the Legionnaire can easily throw quite well, but the Zweihander and Royal Guard would be more useful shooting with crossbows, but can use throwing if no crossbows are available. Legionnaires have a remarkable increase in One handed WPF as well as their throwing abilities.

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