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Nordinvasion Update 1.9.4

This patch continues cleaning up item progression and features a complete rework and rebalance of hoplite spears and zweihander sword secondary modes. Hoplite spears are now much longer and have had certain item flags changed to make them much more pleasant to use and reduce how often the spears will bounce due to odd speed bonus multipliers. Zweihander sword secondary modes no longer remove length (which led to negative ghost reach) and can no longer swing, but now do high amounts of pierce damage for taking down armored foes. In addition, alternate mode indicators have been added for polearms that can swap to a stabbing or crush through mode.

Item Changes:

  • Harbinger bastard mode fixed
  • Dragon Halberd -3c, +9p, +2spd
  • Mangler -.5 weight
  • Cursed Mangler +1p, -.25 weight
  • Aegis Shield +100hp, +1 armor
  • Alternate mode indicators added for polearms with alternate modes
  • Hoplite spears reworked
  • Zweihander secondary modes reworked
  • Ancient Greatsword +1spd
  • Durendal +1c
  • Schlachtschwerter +5c, +2p, -2spd, +1.25 weight
  • Talhoffer -1 weight, -2spd, -2c, -2p
  • Headtaker -2spd, -3c
  • Forlorn Hope -3c, -4p
  • Bidenhander -3c, -2p
  • Runic Greatsword -3c, -3p
  • Legacy -1c, -.5 weight, +1spd

Other Changes:

  • Players can no longer vote to skip Prep Time while Wraiths are alive

Screen Updates:

  • Fortress Under Siege (barriers, new beer barrel)
  • Graubergen (barriers)
  • King's Castleyard (removed unusable interactive props)
  • King's Reach (new surgeon table)
  • Nordic Village (fixed glitchy flooring, other minor adjustments)
  • Praven (entry points, barriers, new surgeon table)
  • Swadian Great Hall (entry points)
  • Swadian Old Village (fixed platforms)
  • Swadian Outskirts (barrier)
  • Swadian Temple (ai pathing, adjustment to mountaintop fortifications)
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