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Nordinvasion Update 1.11.2

There are several much-needed bug fixes in this release as well as one or two behind-the-scenes changes to improve server-side performance a bit.

  • Barricades are now stored in one public list allowing all engineers on the server to build any spawned barricade.**
  • Barricade previews should no longer cause underwater fog.
  • Fixed the Bloody Blindfold model.
  • Servers should no longer jam at the end of the round.
  • Strong Barricades are more inline in size with the other barricades in its category.
  • Switching between support items now consistently unequips the previous support.
  • Updated the extra health display to accurately count boots.

Item Stats:

  • Battle Honed Severance: +2 speed rating
  • Blessed Bolt Tosser: -4 speed rating, +1 shoot speed, -5 pierce, 115 accuracy
  • Battle Honed Dragon Breath: 0 difficulty
  • Ghastly Hood: 12 head

Scene Updates:

  • Lake Town: player area escape
  • Nordic Village: shrine
  • Offshore: aesthetics
  • Old Shire: ground barriers
  • Swadian Overgrown: aesthetics
  • Swadian Temple: railing removal
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