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Nordinvasion Update 1.11.0

Support Overhaul:

We have worked hard on a new support system to make it more of a shared role rather than one that someone dedicates themselves to full-time. Neither support classes will spawn in actual support items. Instead, you will spawn with a support ability. Support abilities are still equipped on the website as they were before. (Explosive Barrels, Resurrection Tomes, and Deployable Shields are exceptions to this new system and still work as before.)


  • Engineer equipment has been updated with a variety of new barricades and platforms.
  • Pressing the B button opens a personal build menu displaying the support items you currently have.
  • Upon joining a server, your support item is added to your build menu.
  • Each server has a pool of build points starting at 6 and increasing by 6 at the start of each wave prep.
  • Each tier of barricade costs a different number of build points (the cost of this is listed in the build menu).
  • Placing a barricade reduces the number of build points available on the server.
  • Destroying the construction prop before construction completes refunds the build points.


  • Medics have a new box near their health indicator that displays their medic ability.
  • Pressing the H key uses the medic ability.
  • Each usage has a 2.5 second cool-down.
  • After all usages are depleted, your ability will recharge after a 15 second cool-down.

Barricade Line-up:

BarricadesTier 0Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Name: Old Barricade Normal Barricade Heavy Barricade Strong Barricade
Obtainable: Marketplace Personal Crafting House Crafting House Crafting
Health: 800 1200 2400 3300
Build Point Cost: 1 2 2 2
Wall BarricadesTier 0Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Name: Not Available Normal Wall Barricade Heavy Wall Barricade Strong Wall Barricade
Obtainable: Not Available Personal Crafting House Crafting House Crafting
Health: Not Available 1100 2300 3200
Build Point Cost: Not Available 3 3 3
Shield BarricadesTier 0Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Name: Not Available Normal Deployable Shield Heavy Deployable Shield Strong Deployable Shield
Obtainable: Not Available Personal Crafting House Crafting House Crafting
Health: Not Available 1300 2500 3400
Build Point Cost: Not Available 1 1 1
PlatformsTier 0Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Name: Not Available Platform Heavy Platform Not Available
Obtainable: Not Available House Crafting House Crafting Not Available
Health: Not Available 1200 1600 Not Available
Build Point Cost: Not Available 1 1 Not Available

Bug Fixes:

  • Barrels have gotten fresh gunpowder to replace the defective stuff.
  • Pressing V while carrying multiple bolt types no longer returns extra bolts.


  • Assassin Tricksters and Loke-spawned Tricksters have gotten their hands a neat new weapon.
  • Thor's lightning ability is now caused by a falling Mjolnir
  • All players are now notified when either the Lightning Strike or Gungnir Rain ability is triggered.

Engineering Preview:

  • Interacting with an engineering construction site displays a preview of the barricade, wall, or platform.

Extra Health:

  • As requested by the community, boots are now added to the extra health calculation.

Items and Scene Props:

  • One new legendary.
  • Twig of Yggdrasil remodel.
  • Various existing barricades have a new appearance and name. Don't panic if your barricades look different next time you build them!
    • Various new scene props (many are thanks to Rydell).
    • A portion of the props are basic shapes perfect for building your own structures. For scene workers, the names start with “prop_stone_”.

Other Features:

  • New chat command: /dmg
    • Shows your damage done to a bot in a numeric value.
    • Shows what area of the body you have hit.
    • Example: Hit Thor in the left upper arm dealing 47 damage.
  • T and Y chat are now aliases for U chat. Use whichever one you'd like and the result is the same.
  • The Quick Host game options now default to NI values to make the life of scene workers just a little bit easier.


  • Swadian Temple (barriers)
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