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Changelog for 0.4.5

  • New Main Picture courtesy of YunYun
  • House Crafting to be introduced over the next few days
  • New Crosshair for ranged weapons
  • New Expanded Horizons for maps. Have a look around and see what you see :o
  • New Scene Props
  • New Tier 4 Short Heavy Barricade for engineers!
  • New Repeater Crossbow, HIDE!
  • Massive weapons rebalance, specifically in this patch blunt weapons
  • Dragon breath and Twig of Yggdrasil no longer invisible in melee mode (Pending itemkinds hotfix)
  • Explosive barrel should work on all maps!
  • Some new weapons shall be appearing on the battlefield
  • New Normal Barricade model
  • New Healing prop, So much Blood !!
  • New Ammo Refill prop
  • New Forage prop, Start searching !!
  • Own map slot for Tournament map
  • Clean Esc menu
  • Clean Admin panel, No more Abuse!!
  • New weapons for Normal mode troops. Watch out!!
  • New donator enemies

Moar rangers!!!

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