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Houses must have at least five active members to qualify for a TeamSpeak channel, house banner, and house events. This means five distinct accounts - alternate characters do not count.

Houses that no longer meet this requirement are subject to losing these benefits until they regain active members.

TeamSpeak Channel Requests

Our TeamSpeak server can be found at

Post applications for official TeamSpeak house channels in our TeamSpeak board.

House Name: 
Channel Leader / Captains: 

Channel Leaders and Captains must match the actual house ranks. They can change channel passwords, titles, and descriptions and assign the lower channel ranks to their members.

Up to two sub-channels can be requested. “Member only” sub-channels can also be requested. (Only Members and Applicants can join these.)

Once your channel has been created, ask a Developer for your Channel Admin status while you are in the main channel.

House Events

If you are interested in hosting a house event and want to reserve a NordInvasion server please follow this guide. Understand that we are trusting server space to your house. The reputation of the host will be harmed if the rules are not followed and may result in a ban from hosting events in the future.

To apply, a house leader or captain must sign in to and fill out the application form under House / Events.

Allied Events

Houses that cannot meet the 5 house participant minimum requirement have the option of hosting allied events. This would allow the combined number of participants from the two allies to count toward the 5 house participant requirement. To apply for an allied event, check the “Joint Event” box on the application form and search for the house.

Note: The allied event will count as one of the two events allowed to each house for that week.

Scheduling Rules

  • Requests must be submitted at least one day in advance.
  • Server space is allocated based on availability. You might have to reschedule or use a server in another region.
  • Each house can have only two events in a week.
  • Don't schedule an event unless you actually believe you will have enough members to attend. If two events are canceled in a row, there will be an at least two week cool-down period without events.
  • Please confirm the event around 1 hour before your event on Discord. If you wait until the last minute, the server might be set up late or not at all.

Server Rules

  • Notify the event coordinator if the server's maps are not up to date.
  • Events are limited to 3 hours. (If a run will end just a few minutes over-time, you may ask permission to complete the run but you should not start a run knowing you will not be able to complete it in time.)
  • Do not use the event server before the scheduled start time or after the close time.
  • Events need a minimum of 5 members from the host house playing. Otherwise, the event must be open without a password.
    • Events starting with fewer than five members can remain private for up to 30 minutes to gather the five members.
    • If after the first 30 minutes the event has fewer than five members playing, contact an admin on Discord to have it opened.
    • Once an event is opened, it cannot be passworded again and must be closed at the end of that round/map.
    • Houses must not attempt to circumvent the five member rule by having guests put on the house's tag. This could result in punishment for both the house and the guest.
  • When the Event has ended, please contact an Admin via Discord so the server can be reset.

Note: Certain event rules may be relaxed under extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the Event Coordinator if the house is dependable and in good standing. This is not a right, however, and as such should not be expected or demanded.

House Banner Submissions

Submit your banner by posting it in the Official House Banner Update Pack thread.

Banners must meet the following requirements:

  • No images under copyright or trademark.
  • Nothing inappropriate (ex. profane words, nudity, explicit/offensive symbols, etc.)
  • Attempt to make it look like a proper banner, not just an image formatted in a banner shape. For example use the cloth layer style as a template to build upon when making a banner.