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 +====== Scene Guidelines ======
 +This is a list of qualities we are looking for in our scenes. ​ It is not a "you must follow every bullet point to the letter"​ sort of thing but please keep them in mind to increase the chances of your scene getting into the game.
 +===== Things to Avoid =====
 +  * Long, straight distances that players can pick off Nords from.
 +  * Kill zones that let players mindlessly kill bots with low risk.
 +  * Wide open areas with no cover.
 +  * Needlessly large maps.
 +  * Small rooms.
 +  * Positions where bots have an unfair advantage (shooting through trees).
 +  * Camps that people never need to leave.
 +    * Having a few stragglers outside the camp that force players to leave is fine.
 +    * Stragglers should not be too inconvenient to reach.
 +    * The goal is to make players move without dragging out the run too much.
 +  * Bot positions that only one or two Swadians can attack.
 +    * This mostly happens when cleaning up stragglers but it applies everywhere.
 +    * One way to prevent this would be having two paths out of the camp so that stragglers can be cleaned up from two sides.
 +    * Having it safe for only one or two ranged to clean up stragglers is an example of something to avoid.
 +  * Unnatural grid-like layouts. ​ There is such a thing as too much symmetry.
 +  * Styles that don’t fit the Swadian / Nord theme.
 +  * Including un-released items (such as legendaries) as props.
 +  * Areas of the map that only bots can reach but not players (particularly spawn points).
 +===== Things to Look For =====
 +  * Maps where players need to move around a bit.
 +  * Layouts that give players choices.
 +    * Having multiple camp options would be ideal but not necessary.
 +    * Having multiple paths to take to clean up stragglers is more important.
 +    * There should not be bot positions vulnerable to only one or two players at a time.
 +  * A natural layout with a certain amount of haphazardness (not perfectly symmetrical).
 +  * A certain level of realism (no exposed walls ending abruptly or not lining up properly).
 +===== Closing Notes =====
 +  * Many existing scenes in the game do not yet follow these guidelines. ​ As time goes on, they will gradually be reworked.
 +  * These guidelines will probably be modified as time goes on based on discussion and how well they work in practice.
 +  * You are welcome to discuss the guidelines [[https://​​forumdisplay.php?​fid=79 | on our forum]].
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