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 +===== Nordinvasion Update 1.9.5 =====
 +This patch provides some general bug fixes and slight item modifications,​ as well as completely changing the Severance from a bastard axe to a throwing axe due to awkward 2h animations and overall under performance as an item.  It was a waste of a beautiful model and we have been looking for throwing axe models for a while.
 +**Item Changes:**
 +  * Awakened polearm secondary modes added
 +  * Loss of 2h indicator on swords fixed
 +  * Aged Estoc <color #​22b14c>​-4 length</​color>​
 +  * Pride <color #​22b14c>​-5 length</​color>​
 +  * Malice <color #​22b14c>​+4 accuracy, +2c</​color>​
 +  * Mangler <color #​22b14c>​+2 weight</​color>​
 +  * Cursed Mangler <color #​22b14c>​+2.75 weight</​color>​
 +  * Converted Severance to throwing axe
 +  * Phoenix Feather added to House Crafted throwing weapon recipes
 +**Scene Updates:**
 +  * Forgotten Bay (barriers)
 +  * Nordic Village (ground texture and barriers)
 +  * Offshore (entry point)
 +  * Swadian Castle (entry points and inaccessible props)
 +  * Swadian Temple (ai pathing)
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