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 +=====Nordinvasion Update 1.9.0=====
 +This patch introduces a complete overhaul of item stats for personal crafted teal items and above. ​ The gaps between item tiers are more consistent and, in many cases, smaller. ​ This makes House Crafted items more competitive with legendary items, with the strongest Hero locked House Crafted items rivaling even orange Legendary items. ​ In addition, personal crafted items will no longer feel useless compared to House Crafted items. ​ Stats that are often overlooked such as weight have also received major adjustments this patch, with many weight progression paths now following a downward trend starting at the personal crafted tiers. ​ Marketplace and green crafted items will receive attention at a later date.
 +**Throwing Weapons:**
 +   * Throwing weapons are now separated into three types: spears, axes, and daggers. ​ Each type has drastically different stats than the other: spears are slow, precise, armor and shield piercing, and highly damaging; axes are quicker to throw, a little less precise, don't fly as far, and very powerful against enemies that do not have heavy armor; throwing daggers are precise and very fast to throw, but they don't stay in the air very long.  This adds greater variety to the playstyles throwing classes have available. ​ Legionnaire can now use Twigs of Yggdrasil. ​ Also, due to popular demand, blunt one handed mode has returned to throwing spears!
 +**Other Ranged Weapons:**
 +   * Crossbows and especially bows have had their missile speed decreased. ​ This should not have much of an effect on most scenarios, but helps keep ranged players from being able to snipe out far away bots too easily. ​ Crossbows now all have the ability to penetrate shields, bonus damage against shields, and 20% armor negation.
 +**House Crafted Items:**
 +   * Players who have elected to use a damage oriented Hero Class such as Warden, Marauder, Zweihander or Master Peltast will now find that their class'​s House Crafted weapon of choice now has stats very similar to their respective orange Legendary counterparts. ​ Many House Crafted armors have also received considerable boosts to complement the recent additions to Ironflesh. ​ This emphasizes the importance of Hero Class selection and gives players an extra boost to pursue the playstyle that best suits them. 
 +   * The stats of Hoplite shields and polearms have been reworked to make the class progression less steep so it doesn'​t feel the class is useless until you can manage to get a Vigilance or Elegy, two legendary items that most will have a difficult time getting a hold of.
 +**Bastard Weapons:**
 +   * Bastard weapons should all have a secondary mode now and have had their primary mode set to not allow the drawing of a shield. ​ This will keep players from accidentally using the weapons with a shield in two handed mode and should make swapping a smoother transition - just swap weapon mode and your shield should come out or be put away automatically!
 +**Melee Weapons:**
 +   * Melee weapons have all been measured very carefully with a very accurate ruler and their in game lengths have been changed to correctly reflect this.  Stats have been adjusted accordingly.
 +**Awakened Legendary Items:**
 +   * The gods bicker about whose gifts to the Swadians are greatest and war has broken out amongst them.  Appeal to their vanity and create offerings suited to their nature, or turn away from such fickle beings altogether and rely on your own skills. ​ New recipes are available in Support House Crafting along with the next round of upgrade recipes. ​ This month'​s rotation will be removed at 11:59 EST (~2 and a half hours from now).
 +**Recipe Changes:**
 +   * Heraldic and Hospitaller Master Halberdier Mail have been moved to Armoursmith crafting ​
 +   * Heraldic Halberdier Mail and Hospitaller Halberdier Mail have been moved to the Marketplace
 +   * Kriegsmesser now shares the same recipe as Elegant Greatsword, Elegant Bastard Sword, and Elegant Flamberge
 +   * Tempered Steel Bastard Sword has been moved to Blacksmith
 +   * The Splitter has been moved to Blacksmith
 +   * Injustice and Justice removed - those who owned them have had them replaced with Elegant Bastard Swords
 +   * Swadian Pike moved to green tier, recipe adjusted, those who owned them have had them replaced with Sarissas
 +   * Yew Longbow and Powerful Crossbow recipes significantly reduced
 +   * Dragon Bolts remodel
 +   * Leviathan'​s Guard remodel
 +   * Head Crusher remodel
 +   * Fixed cuff of Heavy Bear Gauntlets
 +   * Fixed Swadian Helmet being see through in certain areas from certain angles
 +**Hero Classes:**
 +   * Aventurier +2 Athletics (9), +1 Ironflesh (7)
 +   * Pavise Champion +2 Ironflesh (10)
 +   * Repeaterman +1 Ironflesh (9), +10 Crossbow (350)
 +   * Hoplite +2 Athletics (10), +3 Ironflesh (8)
 +   * Chosen Marksman +1 Athletics (7)
 +   * Sentinel +2 Ironflesh (7)
 +   * Sentry +2 Ironflesh (7)
 +   * Buffed Odin's and Thor's damage abilities
 +   * Fixed a Tower Shield deployment bug which could consume multiple Tower Shields
 +   * Weakened Hungry Zhug
 +   * Gave Crazed Blademaster Great Sword instead of Sword of War
 +   * Renamed Nord Huscarls to Nord Huscarl
 +   * Weakened Nord Huscarl
 +   * Weakened Nord Repeaterman
 +  * Ancient Bastion (AI pathing)
 +  * Forgotten Bay (ai pathing)
 +  * Hyper'​s Castle (fixed shrines)
 +  * Nordic Fortress (rework)
 +  * Nordic Village (rework)
 +  * River'​s Conflict (spawn point and glitchy floor)
 +  * Swadian Hamlet (glitchy floor)
 +  * The First Defence (AI pathing)
 +And for those still trying to keep count: 1 new Legendary item!
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