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 +=====Nordinvasion Update 1.8.0=====
 +**Item changes**
 +   * Typhoon <color #​2FC245>​+2p </​color>​
 +   * Defender Gauntlets <color #​2FC245>​+2 armor </​color>​
 +   * Added new personal crafted Commando two handed sword, Langes Messer (Level 18 Blacksmith)
 +   * Added new Heavy Pilum model
 +   * Added new Noble Steel Gauntlets model
 +   * Edited Runic Greatsword model and texture
 +   * Edited Defender Armour texture (Developer version as well)
 +   * Eastern Katana renamed to Eastern Blade
 +   * Tower Shield has been replaced by Noble Bastion in people'​s inventories.It has the same stats and usability, just new model and name
 +  * Tower Shield has been reintroduced as locked to Pavise Champion only - 1650 health and 50 armor
 +  * Shield of Kings is now locked to Royal Guard only
 +  * Added new Steel Reaver model
 +  * Justice and Injustice locked to Commando hero classes
 +  * Chain Links and Chain have switched names (now you craft Chain Links into Chain instead of vice versa!)
 +  * Removed marketplace sell value from looted and crafted materials
 +  * Changed the color of Rough Cloth, Scrap Metal, Basic Wood, Bone Powder, Black Steel, Steel, Antiseptic Cloth, Basic Leather to blue crafted material
 +**Features and Fixes:**
 +  * Selectable spawn locations - when on the character screen, you can cycle through spawn locations using the arrow keys
 +  * Tower Shield can now be deployed like a Deployable Shield - press V without a weapon out
 +  * Horse whistle added - press J to call your horse (does not work when another Swadian is riding your horse)
 +  * Tricksters spawned by Loke are no longer assigned to the Swadian team
 +  * Gungnir Rain is actual rain now (more spears, watch out!)
 +  * Surgeon Tables remove projectiles and blood stains from players
 +  * Fixed an issue where reloading repeaters would give you more ammo than there was in the repeater
 +  * Name tags added - toggle in the escape menu
 +  * Each player'​s health percentage is now displayed on the scoreboard - press tab
 +  * Two-handed weapons with alternate modes now display when they are in their alternate mode
 +  * Explosive Barrels no longer damage Swadian horses.
 +**Map Updates:**
 +  * Hande'​s Retreat (removed unreachable restoration props)
 +  * Hyper'​s Castle (barrier fix and aesthetic adjustments)
 +  * King of the Hill (changed the player camp)
 +  * Lake Town (barrier fix)
 +  * Port Assault (barrier fix)
 +  * Swadian Castle (replaced with an older version)
 +  * Swadian Outskirts (removed unreachable restoration props)
 +  * Swadian Temple (barrier fix)
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