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 +=====Nordinvasion Changelog=====
 +**Major Changes:**
 +**Training Classes**
 +The training classes are designed to give new players a taste of each class from the start without having to commit xp.  Each training class provides the player with a basic set of free gear to get started with.  The training classes can be swapped out at any time with no penalty until the player chooses a path to follow further.
 +**Beginner Mode**
 +Beginner mode is designed to give new players a place where they can get started in the game with a more gentle learning curve. ​ Beginner mode will be open to all players but will only reward players who are under level 26.  This is intended to keep the Beginner servers a place for beginners to play without getting taken over by people hoping to farm.  Interactive props such as health and ammo restore points are also highlighted to draw new players to take a closer look.
 +**Support Class Requirements**
 +The requirements for support classes have been adjusted to level based without any need for assist xp.  This allows for players to start bringing in support gear sooner without being forced to choose between levelling up or helping the team.  All assist xp that has been spent so far to get your support classes has been refunded.
 +**Assist XP Range**
 +Assist xp is now rewarded over the entire map rather than only players within a certain distance.
 +**Activity Tracker**
 +Players who have been inactive for a certain period of time will stop receiving assist xp and loot until they become active again.
 +**Client Version Check**
 +Servers will check if the client is running a compatible version. ​ If they are not, the player will be warned of the incompatibility and then removed from the server.
 +**More Changes:**
 +Nearly all early-tier equipment has been rebalanced to fall inline after the new training gear.
 +Tome and Barrel uses trigger a chat message.
 +Replacing items during prep time will not change your death counter.
 +Wraiths have returned to Hard, Ragnarok, and Cavalry mode.
 +The in-game gold counter is now accurate up to 10 million.
 +The scoreboard shows the total number of bots in each wave and how many have died.
 +The scoreboard also shows a count of the spectators.
 +There is a new chat screen to see all the messages without kills and assist xp (press '​O'​).
 +Map makers can now set weather and time-of-day more easily.
 +Various fixes to overlays and chat prompts.
 +There are bound to be a few outdated item stats on the website so expect adjustments over the next few days.
 +**Map Updates:**
 +    ​
 +    Ancient Bastion
 +    Caravan Ambush
 +    Coastal Raid
 +    Handes Retreat
 +    Kings Castleyard
 +    King Reach
 +    Medieval Fields
 +    Old Shire
 +    Royal Observatory
 +    Swadian Bay
 +    Swadian Castle
 +    Swadian City
 +    Great Hall
 +    Swadian Keep
 +    Swadian Overgrown
 +    Swadian Temple
 +    Swadian Town
 +    Swadian Village
 +    The First Defence
 +    The Great Hall
 +    Traders Valley
 +**New maps:**
 +    ​
 +    Forest Outpost
 +    Graubergen
 +    Nordic Fortress
 +    Swadian Citadel
 +    Swadian Folly
 +    Hypers Castle
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