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 +=====Nordinvasion Changelog=====
 +**Hard Mode Changes:**
 +In order to make NordInvasion more of a challenge for players a rebalance of the difficulty has occurred. In hard mode, a general 20% increase in difficulty has occurred in what is essentially a complete rebuild of the mode.
 +The difficulty has also been scaled. What would have been the difficulty of Odin, is now the difficulty of Thor. Meaning that the difficulty of Odin has increased substantially. Concurrent with this (and we don't normally give you hints about this), the legendary items that would have dropped on Odin, now drop on Thor, and new legendary items now sit at the final boss. This will preserve the opportunities for new players to get the same gear as the older ones, whilst giving everyone something new to aim for.
 +**Normal Mode Changes:**
 +  * Prince Buffed.
 +  * Nord Repeaterman donator enemy Introduced.
 +  * Zweihanders will now bring more hurt, its high time people were afraid of them again.
 +  * Fionn mac Cumhaill donator enemy fixed.
 +  * And many more...
 +We have introduced the second batch of items for House Crafting. These items are very powerful and each class has received something. They will be placed into the crafting options in the period after release.
 +A special thanks goes out to Ryu for his models, many of which have made it into this patch. You are a major asset to our community.
 +As mentioned previously, we have added many new high end legendary items for players of all classes to work for. Some of the new items are very expensive and will give players something very special to work towards; much like transitional was when it was first introduced.
 +**Changes and Additions**
 +We have also made several changes to existing items. This list is not exhaustive. All classes have gotten something very high end.
 +  * The Fell Edge has been buffed.
 +  * The Dreaded Warpick has been slightly buffed.
 +  * Eastern Katana buffed.
 +  * Tower Shield added.
 +  * New glaive weapons.
 +  * Hurricane Bow slightly buffed.
 +  * New mesh for Explosive Barrel, Construction Site & Construction Spawn.
 +  * Fiendish Bow has been slightly buffed.
 +  * Two new bows.
 +  * A new two-handed killing machine.
 +  * New high end body armours for Snipers, Crossbowmen,​ Commandos and Pikemen!
 +  * Three new high-end helmets for Crossbowmen.
 +  * A new set of armour for commando, the Defender Armour.
 +  * A full set of new Royal Scale Armour for Snipers.
 +  * Heraldic Transitional Armour.
 +  * New Crafting Materials.
 +  * Moar rangers!!
 +  * And so much more....
 +The new craftable materials that you will need to make the very best items in game now drop from waves which are prone to being barrelled by the community. As a disincentive to do so, we are building in a need to fight these enemies.
 +There are new legendaries that drop on Odin and legendaries that previously dropped on Odin now drop on Thor.
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