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 +=====Changelog for 0.4.4=====
 +**Major Changes**
 +  * Variation crafting, now there are different models for high level items, pick your favorite before you make it!
 +  * New map "​Fortress under Siege" by YuriTheRed
 +  * "​Hidden Cave" is... Hidden!(??) in awesome overwork by our fabulous Hande
 +  * Lots of new scene props added for any player that would like to try creating a map
 +  * Enemy resupply with enemies sporting new weapons, armors and new faces in normal mode waves!
 +  * New challenge wave in normal mode alongside new weapons and armours!
 +  * Banners updated courtesy of Galen_Thalheimer.
 +  * New donator enemy included.
 +  * Added more variation in the waves you will face through another massive code expansion.
 +  * New healing & shrine prop. *Hic*
 +**Existing Equipment Changes**
 +  * Rebalanced Pikeman weapons, most high level craftables and legendaries buffed.
 +  * Craftable crossbows rebalanced through a buff.
 +  * New items for the alchemy summon feature to be introduced over time.
 +  * Buff to high level commando helmets.
 +  * Reduced shine on Transitional Armors White and Orange.
 +**New Equipment**
 +  * New craftable helmets for all classes to be introduced over the coming weeks
 +  * New summonable gear for Alchemists to be introduced over the coming weeks.
 +  * Variation options for armorsmith to be introduced over the following weeks
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