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 +=====Changelog for 0.4.3=====
 +**New Features**
 +  * New awesome combat animations from Papa Lazarou'​s Combat Enhancement pack
 +  * New enemy troops have joined the Nord ranks! Donator'​s enemies have joined the fight!
 +  * Massive expansion in the coding to allow a far greater random chance in what waves you will face upon the field!
 +  * Nord troops have donned new outfits
 +  * Voulge should hopefully now give xp (it's very stubborn!)
 +  * Sharpshooter buff to crossbow to allow pinpoint accuracy at highest levels of legendary crossbows
 +  * Pikeman buff to throwing skillz!
 +  * Various item rebalancing,​ especially for throwing weapons
 +  * Tonnes of changes behind the scenes that will appear over the coming weeks!
 +  * Deployable ammunition box is faster to use
 +  * Banners were not updated in this patch. Please use the unofficial banner pack for now
 +**More Rangers!!**
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