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 +=====Changelog for 0.4.0=====
 +**New Features!**
 +  * All players have received their Mounted exp * 4 as Assist exp.
 +  * Two new playable classes. The Crossbowman and the Skirmisher!
 +  * Gear has been re-balanced and shuffled around again to fit classes better.
 +  * Added massive amounts of new gear for players.
 +  * Nords have had their looks updated and should now look more like proper Nords!
 +  * All AI re-balanced. Mounted troops removed.
 +  * Fixed random spawns on hard mode, all your favorite Nords are now back! Including Shield Maidens and Pikemen!
 +  * Added anvil for repairing shields.
 +  * New menu music! (For real this time)
 +  * New map, Swadian Great hall
 +  * New map, Port Assault
 +  * Swadian Castle Fixed and back in rotation
 +  * Mountain Outpost, Swadian City, Caravan Ambush, Swadian Town, Hidden Cave, Swadian Outskirts Updated/​Fixed
 +**Fixes and changes**
 +  * Shrine cost is now dependant on level, 25 gold per level.
 +  * Reduced Healing Pot and Ammo Box use times by 33%.
 +  * Reduced foraging time by about 60%
 +  * Construction time on barricades halved.
 +  * Fixed deployable items not deploying on scene props.
 +  * Fixed Res Tomes being able to refill at ammo boxes.
 +  * Increased collision mesh on barricade and construction site.
 +  * Bots should no longer be able to get on top of barricades and get pulled underground with it.
 +  * Players should also not be able to walk over construction sites anymore.
 +  * Banners updated
 +**More Rangers!!**
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