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 +=====Changelog for 0.3.4=====
 +**Support Classes**
 +  * All tiers of the support classes are now available.
 +  * 2 new items for the Medic class. Surgeon'​s kit, only has one charge but fully heals everyone in a large radius and takes a lot less time to use. Resurrection Tome, revives dead players in a large radius and makes them spawn back at spawn.
 +  * 2 new items for the Engineer class. Heavy Barricades, same health as the Barricade but a lot bigger and total cover against enemy ranged units. Explosive Barrel, kills all enemies within a short radius with a explosion. Downside is you only get one so use it wisely and using it gives no experience, gold or loot.
 +  * Minor fixes to some maps. Jeldan Citadel has been taken out.
 +  * Minor weapon changes, mostly some items have lost the ability to be used on horseback.
 +  * Horse speed fix should now work as intended.
 +  * Lessened the default numbers of spawning enemies, especially on hard mode, scaling stays the same.
 +  * More Rangers!!
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