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 +=====Changelog for 0.3.3=====
 +**New support class tiers!**
 +  * New blueprints for Alchemists, make new stronger healing kits for the medics and some proper barricades for the Engineers.
 +  * 2 New maps!
 +  * Horse nerf redone: The slowdown should now happen more gradually as your horse gets damaged and it stops going down when your horse reaches low health, so it should maintain around the speed of a running player and not a half-dead snail
 +  * More weapons that where bugged and didn't give experience and gold rewards should be fixed now.
 +  * Some small weapon fixes (No more stab on Messer ​
 +  * Deployable items now disappear after a round ends.
 +  * Difficulty has been reduced slightly on higher levels of normal mode.
 +  * Difficulty slightly reduced across the board on hard mode. Less Rangers!!
 +  * Number of enemy bots now increases for every player that joins and not at the old set player intervals.
 +  * And of course all your new custom banners have been added.  ​
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