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 +=====Changelog for 0.3.2=====
 +**Huge armor re-balance!**
 +  * A lot of armors have had their stats adjusted and have been moved around between the different class tiers. This will hopefully make the different classes stand more apart in the fashion department. Every tier you unlock new armor the armors have been given flat stats as well, so you can freely choose between different looks without taking a hit to stats!
 +  * Archers have had their overall armor values decreased and Cavalry has been put in the middle of Infantry and Archers armor wise.
 +  * Archers have received small damage boost on arrows for every class tier. And quite a decent damage boost at the Sniper tier.
 +  * Horses now have lower speed and maneuver across the board. Heavy horses has gained some armor and hitpoints. All lances have received damage boosts.
 +  * Commando tier shields have received a significant armor and hitpoint boost to withstand hardmode better.
 +  * 
 +**More crafting!!!**
 +  * As some of you might have noticed some strange and foreign crafting blueprints have started to show up over the last few days. With this patch we are adding a large amount of new items that will be made available over the coming days as craftables for every crafting profession.
 +  * Hardmode now drops materials you can only get your hands on there and are required for even better items then has ever before been crafted in all Swadia!
 +  * Old blueprints have been re-balanced to be more useful and will over the coming days have their requirements reduced to make them available for newer players.
 +  * New materials available in the goods section of the market place
 +  * 
 +**New quests**
 +  * You might have already noticed we have put in a handful new quests lately, some specifically aimed at making the the entry into the Swadian ranks abit easier for recruits, some for the veteran soldier fighting in hardmode.
 +  * Keep your eyes open for more quests to come!
 +  * Hardmode as been toned down abit more.
 +  * All weapons not giving experience and gold rewards should now be fixed.
 +  * Ammo Boxes for Tinkerer are back again
 +**New map!!!**
 +  * New stunning map by Freddex, Old Lake town!
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