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 +=====Changelog for 0.2.6=====
 +**New Features**
 +  * Added Nord Huntsmen, Nord Infantry, Nord Heavy Infantry, Nord Soldiers, Nord Veteran Soldiers
 +  * Added deployable shields for players to throw down and take cover behind (these cannot be used as shields currently to combat balance issues)
 +  * Added round tracking for calculating stats in the grand campaign
 +  * Added extremely rare loot (Aurora Sword and Obsidian Axe)
 +  * Added more helmets to craft and loot
 +  * Items auto-equip on load (There is a bug with this where the items appear as grey boxes, but they are still equipped so its not serious)
 +**Changes / Fixes**
 +  * Added stats to items in auction hall
 +  * Added leave house functionality
 +  * Fixed map glitches/​exploits on all 3 maps
 +  * Tweaked lots of troops for balance and gameplay purposes
 +  * Altered loot system and added more loot drops
 +  * Increased base Agi and Str by 2
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