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 +=====Changelog for 0.2.5=====
 +**New Features**
 +  * Talk to the living - Press the '​u'​ key when you are dead and you will be able to chat to all players, alive or dead
 +  * Lots more crafting content (See the crafting board for more details)
 +  * Added the basics for player run houses (These act as guilds for players to organise around)
 +**Changes / Fixes**
 +  * Nord Sargeant now has a Hunter instead of a Charger
 +  * Items that are dropped can be picked up now, if your strength is high enough.
 +  * Fixed lots of glitchable/​exploitable areas in Swadian Village
 +  * Spread out the spawn of Nords, they will now approach from the hills as well as the main entrance
 +  * Fixed the bots spawning on the boat on Beach Assault
 +  * Fixed a player spawn bug on mountain pass that meant sometimes people fell to their death
 +  * Stats and Attributes should be more stable now
 +  * Level cap has been raised to 34 (this is again temporary for now)
 +  * Changed the ratio at which you gain strength / agility making it take a lot longer. However the difficulty requirements to buy weapons in the marketplace have been halved to compensate for this.
 +  * Fixed the bug with FF not being active on the servers. There is now 10% self friendly fire
 +  * Fixed an issue with the soup/ammo resupply not storing in the stats properly
 +  * Optimized the mod release by removing a lot of unnecessary files (it should be around 5mb now)
 +  * Changed the splash screen logo to include version number + logo
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