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 +=====Changelog for 0.2.1=====
 +  * Added Shrine to Swadian Village(costs 250g and will insta-restore health, horse health, ammo, and shield)
 +  * Added '​Summon Pony' as a level 4 crafting blueprint for alchemist, will create 1 x small pony
 +  * Added new alchemist materials, Bone Shards which can be refined to Bone Powder (level 2)
 +  * Made Leather gloves, craftable only, and this is done by the armorsmith (level 3)
 +  * Added the end waves, including Nord Huscarls, Nord Knights and the Nord Prince (be warned they are all EXTREMELY deadly, so use caution.
 +**Bug Fixes**
 +  * Quest repeat time limit fixed
 +  * Removed bridge that allowed glitching in swadian village, also altered '​campers rock' to allow the ai to navigate it better.
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